Monday, August 24, 2020

Why Rishikesh Is A Perfect Escape To Detox Your Mind & Soul.

I was so busy in my restless corporate life and hardly get time to relax. I always wanted to run away from all the hustle-bustle and spend some time with nature alone. But my work doesn’t allow me. I really need some space to detox my mind and soul.  Recently one of my colleague told me about a local tour for yoga in Rishikesh. Rishikesh – “Yoga Capital of The World”.


Yoga is so beneficial not only to relax but also to feel motivated and rejuvenated. You know what, I always prepared a routine chart for yoga practice and every time I fail. But when I hear about a yoga trip I feel so ecstatic and I said – “YES".

On weakened, I attend the yoga session. We went to a scenic yoga ashram in Rishikesh.   Just imagine sitting on the bank of the river Ganga surrounded by Great Himalayas, what you better need at peace and relax. Yoga and meditation give us better immunity, keep our body in shape, feel de-stress, and goodness of Ayurvedic food.

When I returned back I feel so energetic. Well said, "Yoga se hi hoga”.

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