Sunday, July 19, 2020

Explore the Reflection of Love for Colours via Textile Tour of Gujarat

As a child, you might have been romanced by the idea of colourful dupattas, sherwanis, sarees and pagdis that Bollywood has managed to inculcate in our minds through songs like Nimbooda, Dholi Taro etc. If you want to explore this love for colours or prints further, we suggest you make a tour to Gujarat.
While your stay in Ahmedabad, you can explore the Calico museum to find out more about the saree with divine motifs made by colourful block printing- Matani Pachedi. After Ahmedabad, approach to our second destination of Surat which will shower its love with different silk. Explore here the famous zari sarees which are made with metallic thread. After Surat, don’t forget to make a stop in Patan as it will win your heart with its different weaves of skill. Here you will find out about one of the most amazing and expensive sarees of the world- patola sarees which is made with ikat (a process of dyeing before weaving) along with the mashru sarees or dupattas which is made with a mix of both silk and cotton.

Now, let’s move to Kutch- a place which reflects its love for colours in any kind of clothing- be it pagdi, dupatta or saree. Probably the most popular print that has managed to charm you through Bollywood or songs is the bandhani/bandhej. Yes, it is a riot of colours in a single piece of cloth made with the tie and dye technique which gives it the vibrant finishing look. Following Kutch, make your way to the last destination of Dhamadka and Ajrakhpur where you can explore the ajrakh prints which is a hand block printing where the cloth is dyed in a single colour and later multiple coloured blocks are added. While your tour ends here, you will definitely remember the love for colours through this textile tour.


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