Monday, July 20, 2020

Explore the Exotic Plants and Trees in Beautiful Botanical Gardens of Ooty

You must have caught the sight of the beautiful botanical gardens of Ooty in different movies from Bollywood and the Botanical gardens have featured in different scenes.
As such, the botanical garden was one of the prime locations that we kept in the list for our Ooty trip.
My mother had particular interest in this garden as it is home to different medicinal shrubs and ferns. Entering the garden, we started with the Lower garden which is the main attraction for the tourists. Strolling around, we looked at the exotic plants and trees like Deodar, Jacaranda, Magnolia, Eucalyptus, etc.
Next to the Lower garden, we proceeded through the Fern House and saw a mega flower show going on near the stream or the water pool. Close to the water pool, we went through the New Garden where our mind was once again refreshed by green grass as if someone had placed a natural carpet along with exotic plants like Eucalyptus, Pinus Wallichii etc.

This garden merges with the amazing glass house where we saw plants like Phlox Diantus, Petunia etc. What made us happy was that the garden is so well maintained.
So, if you have a love for the plants, why not go explore these exotic ones in Ooty?

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