Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Know Why Nagaland Called As The Land Of Festivals

Nagaland apart from its magnificent landscapes, has also garnered attention for its vibrant culture and joyous festivals in the recent times. These festivals are so unique and colourful that it puts Nagaland in the ‘must visit’ travel list for everyone.

  • Hornbill Festival- Probably the most famous of this list, the horn-bill festival takes its name from the bird. The festivities take place in Kisama village during the month of December. The weeklong festival includes rock music concerts to food festival to dance to exhibition of crafts and art which creates an atmosphere of absolute celebration.
  • Aoleang- Celebrated by the Konyak tribe during the first week of April, it is a celebration to welcome the spring and includes showcasing of indigenous dances and songs and games.
  • Sekrenyi- Celebrated by the Angami tribe. It is a ten-day festival of purification before going to war. Men collect firewood and cleanse their body and then they hunt an animal. Later they exchange gifts and celebrate among all the villagers. 
  • MootsΓΌ- Observed by the Ao tribe, it is a festival to celebrate the break after the sowing is done.
  • Tuluni- Celebrated by the Sumi tribe, people share and feast over the grains that are first sown.
These jolly spirits and dynamic cultures of Nagaland attract guests from wherever all through the world which tops up the tourism business and holds the old traditions. So what are you holding on for? Plan your itinerary now and experience the untouched natural beauty of Nagaland.

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