Monday, May 25, 2020

Travel Insurance Loopholes - What to look for?

It is always advisable to insure your travel before you go for your trip. However, travel insurances often contain loopholes that one should look out for. These are -
  • Existing Ailments : If a traveler with a per-existing condition travel and falls sick, it is likely that those cases will not be covered by the insurance. 
  • Reimbursements : In most cases, travel insurances reimburse the cost of the treatment. Travelers initially have to pay out of their pocket and later they can claim the cost of the treatment after returning home.
  • Dental Care : Dental care is usually not included under travel insurances. However, dental trauma is often covered special circumstances.
  • Extreme Sports : Most of the travel policies do not consider the losses/injuries due to participating in extreme sports like sky diving, bungee jumping, rafting etc.
  • Baggage : Travel insurance in most cases exclude the cost for any damage or loss of your luggage. Apart from this, most of the travel insurances exclude loss/damage for glasses, dental bridge, passport, tickets, cell phones, key and cash.
  • Last Minute Changes : Travel insurance do not compensate for any last-minute change in the itinerary.
  • Documentation : It is wise to keep a hard copy record of all causes that may entertain compensation. If there is no record of the issue, chances are there that it will not cover it. 
Keeping these points in mind will save you from several frustrations by opting for a right travel insurance plan.

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