Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Know how to minimize unexpected travel expenses?

Traveling is always bringing pleasure and cost such as tickets and hotels, we aware of that. But, what about those hidden costs that puts extra load on your travel budget.

With our suggested tips and tricks minimize your unanticipated travel costs:
  • Parking: Avoid parking in the hotel area as it cost high. Choose an alternative parking option nearby. 
  • Meal/Food: Eating is obvious and the cost of eating is high. So it's better to pack your own cooked food while on travel.
  • Use Wi-Fi: Look at a hotel with a WiFi facility and use public WiFi as well wherever available.
  • Baggage Fee: This is the most unnoticeable charges while traveling. To avoid the baggage fee, pack the light and minimum stuff.
  • Money Exchange: Traveling abroad is need foreign currency. But always exchange money by forex vendor not on the airport as they charge high.
  • Credit/Debit Card Fee: Use a prepaid Forex card instead of a regular credit/debit card while traveling abroad. The exchange rate with the Forex card is much better than by your regular card.
Keep the list on the mind and save yourself from an unexpected travel expenses.

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