Wednesday, May 13, 2020

COVID19 Financial Crisis: What Does it Mean for Your Holiday?

The global pandemic of COVID19 has posed a major threat to the tourism industry causing massive job and revenue losses. We know that the travel industry has been hit hard, but it's resilient nature will help it to rebound back as soon as the coronavirus dust settles down.

Here are certain points what it means for your holiday:

  • Uncertainty - Because of total lockdown, everything from transport to hotels and homestays to tourist places of interest have been closed for the past two months. As the world is suffering from this deadly pandemic, the entire tourism industry has been in a slump. This has made the future of holiday or vacation very uncertain for the travellers.
  • Security Measures - Travelling post lockdown however will come with certain security measures. Sanitizers and thermal checks will be there in different vantage points. Moreover, introduction of immunity passports as well as apps like Aarogya Setu will become vital in detecting the health of the travellers.
  • ·   Safe Zones - As the curve of COVID19 is different in all destinations, some countries will be considered safer than others. Western countries like the US, Spain and Italy will have to wait longer to welcome the tourists while countries like India will recover faster and can be considered a safer destination.

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