Tuesday, May 26, 2020

7 Signs You are a True Backpacker

Backpacking is not just a word, for some it is a way of life and the desire to experience new places, people and culture, and need to find oneself.

Wondering if you are a backpacker too?

Here are the signs - 
  • Minimalism : You don’t carry more than a light bag for your trip. You believe in minimalism and just carry the basics for your travel.
  • Sleep Anywhere : You can sleep anywhere with anyone around even in the company of strangers.
  • Getting out of 9-5 : You don’t like the concept of working eight to nine hours in the office. You dream of traveling anytime and anywhere you want. You can work in the laptop anywhere without the corporate attire.
  • Cheap Arrangement : Cheap arrangement excites you more than fancy hotels or restaurants. You dig in for cheap roadside dhabas and hostels more than expensive ones.
  • Adjustment : You willingly build the makeshift tents or cook barbecue with strangers. You can detach yourself away from the world in a place outside internet or technology.
  • Colourful Memories : Your social media looks colourful with beautiful memories of different places. Your passport has run out of pages with different visa stamps. 
  • Wanderlust : You have this curiosity to explore and appreciate different places and once you are done with a place, you cannot wait to explore more.

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