Saturday, September 12, 2020

Rare & Unique Experience of Camping at Meesapulimala.

Have you ever think about to surprise your wife? No! You must think of once. Well, there are so many tips and tricks to make happy and surprised by your life partner. But what do you choose when your partner is equally adventurous like you.

In our college days, we both were trek lovers even I proposed her on a trekking trip. But as time passes, we hardly get time to go on any outdoor activities. We both are working and our corporate life is so packed. But still, we miss those days.

So to rejuvenate our passion, I decided surprise camping tour at Meesapulimala.

Meesapulimala considered the second highest peak in South India. It is located just 20km far away from beautiful place Munnar.  When you reach you will get the chance to spend the night under the sky with twinkling stars. You will get the camp base and delicious spicy Kerala local dishes in dinner.

The next day, we start our trek to witness our eyes with the most beautiful views of south India.  We hike with the lush greenery surrounded by tropical rainforest.

This is the paradise for trek lovers.

Friday, September 4, 2020

Do You Know Why Alleppey Tree House Called as a Paradise for Couples. Here's an interesting story on LastClues.

When it comes to relationships, proposing your partner is one of the hardest things to do. Proposing is simply means asking someone for marriage. But you have to think differently before asking.

The same thing happened to me. I am sure about my partner and decided to propose her for a lifetime bond. But how, when, and where? I searched a lot on the internet about millions of ways for proposing your girl. And finally, my search ends with Alleppey Tree House.


Alleppey is a small district in Kerala being popular as the Venice of East. And as I saw in the images, it exactly looks like heaven. The treehouse is best to discover the hidden beauty of nature from the top of the tree. It offers the romantic nook for couples amidst the lush green landscapes and beautiful meadows.

Just imagine, living in a treehouse by seeing the immersed beauty with flora-fauna, the waterfall, birds chirping and you with your love. How could anyone deny that proposal?  “YES! I will”, I got my answer.

Excited? so book this amazing Kerala Treehouse visit with LastClues and make your escape astounding. For the best understanding and remembrance, we heartily suggest remaining for a week to completely submerge in the new vibes of nature and endearment.

Monday, August 31, 2020

Have you ridden a quad bike yet? read some quick facts before you go for a thrilling experince of quad biking

Have you ridden a quad bike yet? On the off chance that you have, you recognize what an exciting encounter it is to investigate shrouded trails on this steady soil bicycle. You needn't bother with a great deal of experience yet at the same time you get all the fulfillment of arriving at distant places in the blink of an eye. Regardless of whether you are an accomplished quad rider, here are a few realities you probably won't have known.

1.In 1893, the principal controlled quad bike was assembled and sold by Royal Enfield, a British cycling organization. It was like an ATV in a type of a horseless carriage that was expected for street transport.

2. In 1970's Honda went into the creation of trikes and quads that were designed on their motorbikes.

3. Suzuki is perceived as an innovator in the headway of ATV's or quads and in 1982 the first ATV (QuadRunner LT125) was sold as a learner's recreational vehicle.

4. The principal ATV's were extremely not quite the same as the advanced quad bicycle we have today. Some of them initially accompanied 6 wheels. They were uncovered to such an extent that these vehicles didn't have tail lights until 1998 when they were needed to have them. It was not until the HONDA Rubicon was placed into cr
eation that ATV's came furnished with GPRS.

5. Honda's FourTrax TRX350 4X4 ATV presentation in 1986 made ready for the now well known four wheel drive ATV's.

6. When the 90's came, individuals came to find that ATV's have the capability of being useful and amazing work vehicles, from that point forward they were normally observed on ranches. Inevitably, golf trucks and air terminal stuff farm haulers were designed after the four wheeled bicycle with changed particulars to fill an exceptional need.

7. Quads are grouped into three classes, street lawful, rough te
rrain and utilities. Street legals are the ones that should be enlisted and are permitted to be driven on open streets obviously with a driver's permit. Rough terrain quads are the ones utilized for diversion, ranches and other intense landscape exercises. Utilities are utilized for both street and work.

8. Australian Matt Coulter made world record history by playing out the longest separation hop on a quad bicycle. The date was 17 April 200 as he hopped over 14 Honda CRV vehicles with a separation of 134ft.

9. Jon Geutter from Minnesota was the main individual to effectively play out a reverse somersault on a four wheeled bicycle.

10. Stopping and moving is simpler on a quad at moderate rates. The vehicle's back wheels really move the other way than that of the front wheels.

You have now had an idea of some fascinating realities about this vehicle, presently it's an ideal opportunity to encounter the veritable surge of quad biking.

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Monday, August 24, 2020

Why Rishikesh Is A Perfect Escape To Detox Your Mind & Soul.

I was so busy in my restless corporate life and hardly get time to relax. I always wanted to run away from all the hustle-bustle and spend some time with nature alone. But my work doesn’t allow me. I really need some space to detox my mind and soul.  Recently one of my colleague told me about a local tour for yoga in Rishikesh. Rishikesh – “Yoga Capital of The World”.


Yoga is so beneficial not only to relax but also to feel motivated and rejuvenated. You know what, I always prepared a routine chart for yoga practice and every time I fail. But when I hear about a yoga trip I feel so ecstatic and I said – “YES".

On weakened, I attend the yoga session. We went to a scenic yoga ashram in Rishikesh.   Just imagine sitting on the bank of the river Ganga surrounded by Great Himalayas, what you better need at peace and relax. Yoga and meditation give us better immunity, keep our body in shape, feel de-stress, and goodness of Ayurvedic food.

When I returned back I feel so energetic. Well said, "Yoga se hi hoga”.

Friday, August 21, 2020

Any Guess What Is Most Alluring Beauty of Kerala. An Interesting Story Curated By LastClues.

Traveling is always a different experience for me. As nature photography is my passion, I love to explore different place which shows me a different side of nature. I wandered many places but never get a chance to visit South India.

Recently one of my South-India friends sends me some snaps of Kerala. Believe me, the beauty of Kerala is something unheard of. I could not wrap my eyes on pictures.  

Kerala is also known as the “Kashmir of South”. Highly rich with immense nature, a healthy atmosphere, and food tourism, Kerala is best.


Kerala is offering a list of places to discover the alluring beauty.

Get ready to lost in the lush green landscape, waterfalls, lakes, forest and tea plantation, the Munnar is heaven on the earth. Don’t forget to experience a treehouse stay in Thekkady. In the bountiful beauty of Alleppey, enjoy the houseboat cruise and cuisines. To relax body and soul, an ayurvedic massage is perfect. Walking on the beach and make your eye-witness to the amazing sunset on the sand was incredible.

This is one place where you can find everything from stunning hill stations, romantic beaches, to the breathtaking view of the backwaters. My album was full of picturesque images and lots of local fun stories.

All in all it is a perfect destination for anybody who is looking to explore the alluring beauty of nature.

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Why The Legendary Experience of Andaman's Is A Must To Have. An Interesting Story Curated By LastClues

“Life is meant to a good friend and great adventure.” – Well said.


Friends and adventures are the perfect combinations. To be travel enthusiasts, our group of friends planned a vacation after our college exams.  


Well, India is rich with a list of adventure and thrill destinations. But we stop our search when we saw Andaman’s on images.

Andaman is the most popular adventure destination for youngsters. This is the ultimate adventure destination to get chilled with friends on the land of adventure. The Andaman is known for the clear water, beautiful beaches, and rusty sunset.


But this island also offers lots of adventurous underwater activities like snorkeling, sea walking, and scuba diving. Just imagine diving underwater and experiencing the colorful water creatures. This is the highlight of the trip. 


To see the wild face of Andaman you can go on a trek. If you want to pump in your veins, there is nothing better than jet skiing. Kayaking is the perfect balance between adventure and legendary experience.


Thanks to paradise beaches, let your heart heal and body relax by watching sunset view on the beach. Whether you are looking for happening nightlife, hustle bustle of tourist places or some time alone in harmony and quietness surrounded by a tranquil seascape, the Legendary Andaman's have got everything covered.

If you have any thrilling Andaman's travel story, do share with us.

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Why Bamboo Rafting in Periyar is the Most Exciting Experience for Adventure Seekers

Imagine gliding through the river on an ecological raft with lush green background and sudden sightings of wildsambar or langur in the land. Are you romanced by the idea? We were excited too.

After reaching Kumily, we pre-booked a guide who would explain everything to us and help us in this beautiful experience. As it was already evening, we had early dinner and retired for the bed. Next morning, we geared up with appropriate clothing along with a tiny bag with insect repellent and other essential medicines and started for our expedition. I was happy about the fact that the entire expedition is environment friendly as our raft was made of bamboo sticks joint together instead of the popular synthetic fiber ones. As we started our expedition, we could feel the splashes of cool water as our raft waded through the water.

As we moved further, the surrounding around us changed completely. Soon we came to a point, when everything around us in both sides were green as we waded through the water in the middle. However, animal spotting depends upon luck and we could only spot some wild deer, but this did not sadden us as the rafting experience gave us the most exciting experience.

So, If you are looking for an exciting 'nature-walk' that can set your soul free and can take you on an shocking, wildlife ride, a bamboo rafting in Periyar is sure made for you.

I recommend LastClues services which offers serene tours and unique wildlife activities in Kerala:

Rare & Unique Experience of Camping at Meesapulimala.

Have you ever think about to surprise your wife? No! You must think of once. Well, there are so many tips and tricks to make happy and sur...